Day planner plug-in can't follow my time zone change

I use day planner plug-in. After I change my location of work, I can’t change its time zone.
It couldn’t let me complete the task that already pasts my time zone but not in my original working time zone.
How to cancel this auto complete or adjust the time zone so I can have a clean timeline view?
Thanks in advance.

I did a quick search in the repo. Could you open the DevTools and run this line new Date() to see the result?

DevTools can be access through Ctrl + Shift + i (windows) or Cmd + Shift + i (macOS) in Google Chrome browser and Obsidian.

Expect something like this.

Here’s the code reference

I simply changes my system timezone setting in Windows, and the plugin behaves as expected, changing the timezone. Notice that there is even a date change.

You can find the config by searching timezone in control panel maybe.


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