{{date}} {{time}} {{title}} placeholders are not working

I see that the same question has been asked previously here but to no avail. So…

What I’m trying to do

I want to use the placeholders mentioned in the title

Things I have tried

on the PC

  • deactivate all community plugins and restart Obsidian.
  • create a new note with the placeholders mentioned in the title; none of those are rendered. Neither in quick preview nor in read mode.
    This is how it looks:

on the Android phone (synced with PC)

  • deactivate all community plugins
  • open the note created above and see whether the placeholders are rendered - they are not rendered

I’m using Obsidian 1.0.0.-AppImage on Ubuntu and ofc the latest version on Android.

I’m really lost here. What is the trick?

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Did you just make a new file and type/paste them into the file? Or did you put them in a template and insert the template in the new file?

I am experiencing the same thing. Templates aren’t working in any way I try to use them on a PC.

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Same here

I created a new file from scratch and typed all placeholders by hand.

And I created a template with the {{date}} placeholder, created a new file, and inserted the template into the new file. The placeholder is not rendered as well.

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Templater is the culprit.

@CawlinTeffid’s reply got me thinking once more.
If I insert a template into a newly created file via the Template core plugin the placeholders are rendered.
If I insert a template with the Templater community plugin the placeholders are not rendered.

However, I’d expect that the placeholders are always rendered when the file is interpreted and rendered(?)

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Okay. I know understand that Templater has its completely own syntax and does not interpret the Template plugin’s syntax. So layer 8 error. I hope this clarifies the question also for the others who face the same issue.


I was having this same issue! I’m still learning how the plugins all work together, but the workaround for me was to use the <% tp.date.now(“YYYY.MM.DD”) %> syntax to get the date to work. If I insert using the templater plugin, anything with the {{date}} format is not rendered…

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