Date and time Stamps different Colour

I use Date & Timestamps very frequently.
Right Now I’m using AHK for it.
Was wondering if there was some way I could modify the CSS so that the stamps appear in a different colour

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What’s the exact form of these date/time stamps?

“5-Aug-2020 | Wed” and “11:27 AM”
ie <d-MMM-yyyy | ddd> and <hh:mm tt>

Hm. I don’t think you can do this with CSS, sadly. CSS has no way of detecting the content in an HTML element, so it can’t scan for the text you want to style. You may want to submit a feature request for Obsidian to do time/date data detection!

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A potential solution is to use of the headings such as H6 for date/time stamps then use CSS to format them differently. If you don’t use H6 for anything else, you can put the six pounds into your format. The only place you wouldn’t be able to use them at that point is inside another heading.

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If you’re doing it in AHK you can simply add the HTML color code as part of the stamp.
I’m not sure what syntax will be left standing after 0.83 though.