Dataviewjs question: change link colour depending on condition

Hi @ninjineer and @scholarInTraining,

the Agenda is working fantastic(ally) !

  • I have added a top-banner with the Banners plugin that matches my themes colours and my tableStyles.css (made it myself)
  • I have - :drum: !! - made a BUTTON that updates the agenda in one simple click! →
name Update
type command
action Templater: Insert 5. ------------------/Templates/updateAgenda
color blue

so I think we are ready to release this as to the Obsidianers, don’t you think?

In it would be:

  • the Agenda generating script [mdCalendarWithOptions.js] - can we call it agendaGenerator.js and do I need to change anything anywhere if I change the name of mdCalendarWithOptions.js ?
  • the template that goes with the script (testTemplate - can we call it agendaTemplate instead and do I need to change anything anywhere if I change the name of testTemplate ?
  • the Updating template [updateAgenda template]
  • the CSS Snippet to style the calendar tables [tableStyles]
  • a working example with some test tasks to play with
  • a which will contain:
  1. an explanation about how to use it (I will write this)
  2. credits to all who were involved in creating this [ @ninjineer, @ScholarInTraining, @derekvan, @AB1908, @FiekeB ]
  3. a list of the plugins I used: [Templater] to generate the Agenda itself and to update the Agenda after changes, [Buttons] to make the updating button work, [Banners] to add a top banner to please the eye
  4. confirmation that it works with [Tasks] and [Periodic Notes] as well as native Obsidian checkboxes - [ ]

And also: is there anything any of you would like to add to the or the zip?

@ScholarInTraining if you have the time (and only then!) you could add the options for just generating 1 month instead of 12, like we talked about. For me personally it is not needed, but maybe other folks could use that for their workflow/setup. I leave it up to you if you want to make time for this or not :blush:

Last: THANK YOU dear people for helping me BIGTIME to get my idea working! :heart_eyes: :heart: :pray: :people_hugging: :bouquet:

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I’m not sure from your description if this what you’re already planning, but I think you should package this as a vault with all the necessary files in their appropriate places rather than just a simple zip of the individual files. That way interested people get a fully working model to play with.


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