Dataviewjs Image render

What I’m trying to do

Display an image with dataviewjs using dv.el or dv.paragraph or some elements that I can style as links. I’m ultimately trying to create a page-gallery with thumbnails and links to other notes, with my own styling applied.

Things I have tried

I’ve read in other posts that this was the suggested method. I’m starting with hardcoded values first to simplify, then I’ll make dynamic with dv.pages after.


However, this just renders


But if I input the plain text ![[image.jpg]], then the image is displayed correctly.

If I use the dv.list method instead, this works, but I can’t style the output with more complex HTML. If I use the more flexible dv.el or similar methods, the images break

    .where(p => p.thumbnail !== undefined)
    .map(item => item.thumbnail)

Updating to version 0.5.64 of dataview plugin appears to have fixed this.

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