Dataview write the output into note content

Instead of rendering the data view block, Is there a way to just write the output of dataview as text content to embed into the note file?

It looks like some features have just been added to the newest version of dataview that can support this via dataviewjs!
But I was having a few issues with it when I was experimenting a few hours ago, so if you’re not at least a bit familiar with Javascript and debugging via the developer console, you might want to wait and see what solutions people post for doing this. Places to check besides this forum are the Obsidian Discord, and the GitHub Discussions page for Dataview.

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I have little knowledge about js so I can just download the latest code of dataview to use this feature?

Can you show me some usecase code, so I could dive into it from your achievement?

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Hi Lintao, I am still figuring out how to do it, so I do not yet have any achievements to show. :frowning: My apologies.
Do make sure your dataview community plugin is up to date if you use this feature, though - the developer made an improvement since my previous post!
Here is a link to dataview documentation on markdown output. The examples in the documentation will still show up inside an embedded block though, not directly as note text. Maybe that will be enough for what you need?
Good luck!


Thanks for your kind information!

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