Dataview with keys from frontmatter not working

Hi, I have the following frontmatter:

Vault: Privat

And the following Dataview:

WHERE  Vault = "Privat"

Any idea why I don’t get any results?

It should (if you use only one value in frontmatter field Vault:).
Do you see any error in yaml?

No, hmm might it be in issue that I have a Key with Vault in the Yaml and in the Note?
Will test this.

It seems to be working for me. Is your setup similar to mine?

Well I found the error:
I have

Vault: Privat

Vault:: Privat

In this case it doesn’t work. So duplicate Keys are an issue.
Thanks for helping me figure this out.

you have two values for the same field…
you need to use WHERE contains(Vault, "Privat")

Oh, I see – Yes, I agree with @mnvwvnm . If you specify a field value in both the YAML frontmatter and the page body, you create a list with two values, which probably isn’t your intent:


If you intend to only have one value for the field, you must choose to either declare it in the YAML frontmatter or the note body – but not both.

thanks, that makes it more clear.

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