Dataview WHERE x AND (y OR z) not working

I’m trying to get the following query to work:

LIST " <small>" + choice(note, note + ". ", "") + "Resume: " + resume + "</small>" 
FROM ("Lab notebook/Experiments" AND #status/active) OR ("Lab notebook/Milestones" AND #status/planning) 
WHERE resume
AND (resume - date(today) < dur(3 month) OR typeof(resume) = "string")
SORT resume ASC 

I have also tried:
WHERE typeof(resume) = “date” AND resume - date(today) < dur(3 month) OR typeof(resume) = “string”

Some of the resume properties are a condition (string), whereas others are a date. I can get the conditions working separately and they both work.

This one gives all of the string ones:
WHERE typeof(resume) = “string”
This one filters by date correctly:
WHERE resume - date(today) < dur(3 month)

I can’t figure out how to get them to work together though! All of the combined versions give me the filtered dates, but no pages with string type resume.

Thanks in advance for any help

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