Dataview: what am I missing

The dataview plugin is a gamechanger, however I am struggling to understand how to setup the frontmatter for the query.

from #authenticity

That query returns all files tagged with #authenticity to a list. Brilliant

However, the following returns zero results:

from ""
where status = "seed"

In my notes I have the following on the very first line:
status: “seed”

I have tried with and without quotes, with single quotes, etc

What am I overlooking or doing wrong?

Thank you

Do you mind sharing some screenshots? That would help with troubleshooting.

Is “seed” in an array? If it isn’t, it should work.

If it is in an array form, this is how you would do it. If you wanted hello, you’d use where status[1] = “hello”

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Hi Eleanor. I was inspired to try this by your conversation with Nick. Love your work
@LearningRabbitHole, you actually solved this problem for me with your screen shot. I did not realise I needed to use the three hyphens — to frame the text. Problem solved


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