Dataview treats cloned notes as new notes

What I’m trying to do

I use GitHub to sync my Obsidian vault across devices. I have Dataview query that displays files that are created as per the date title in daily notes.

For example my daily note title: “2023-11-07”. Dataview searches for all the notes that are created on that day. I rely on intrinsicfile.cday property in my query. Here is what my query looks like:

WHERE file.cday =

Problem is that I recently got a new device and cloned Obsidian repository. And those Dataview queries are not working now. Literally all notes in vault are displayed on the current daily note. Because it is when notes are cloned. It makes sense to me because file.cday denotes creation time. But it is quite problematic for me because I have a lot of daily notes and each of them has dataview query as I showed above. I am not able to process my old daily notes now. I want to maintain correct dataview results on my new device too.

I hope I made the problem description clear. Any kind of help is greatly appreciated.

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