[Dataview] The data I want to see should also be pages, is that possible?

What I’m trying to do

Hi all, I’m figuring out Obsidian but haven’t been able to find and answer to this question yet by Googling.

I am collecting a lot of data and wanted to start organizing it in a way that dataview can use it. However, the entries in these tables sometimes need to be pages themselves.

For example, I want to have a page about a ship, and this ship has a managing company, which also has its own information so this should be a page too.

This doesn’t look as clean as it would in the yaml, and I don’t know if this can show up in a dataview table of all the ships.

I am probably misunderstanding how Obsidian works in some way, any help would be much appreciated!

Another example of how I want to use this, is to organize my contacts. I would like to have a page per person, where I save their e-mail (shouldn’t be a page), company (should be a page) and projects the work on (also should be pages). It would be nice for this to be viewable in a nice dataview table

Things I have tried

I thought I should in the yaml metadata do something like:


managing company:

However, the yaml breaks if I use [[company x]] as input here. I also heard that backlinks etc don’t check the yaml, so I would lose some functionality of Obsidian by hiding this information in the yaml.

I am currently saving the information under headers

Managing company

[[Company X]]

you can use square brackets and still call those variables. You just can’t put it in yaml. you need to use: [shipname:: [[asdf]] ]
its a bit ugly but works, if I understand you correctly.
Or do you mean something like nested lists?

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