Dataview/tasks: usage of an if-clause

Hello there,

I am trying to create a system to track my invoices. For each invoice I have created 3 checkboxes:
[] Made the invoice
[] Sent the invoice
[] Invoice is paid

I want to create an overview with 3 queries. One shows all the invoices that need to be made, one which need to be sent en one with all invoices that are waiting for payment.
So in query 1 none of the tasks are checked, query 2 the first task is checked and in query 3 the first 2 tasks are checked. So for example: if I check the [] Made the invoice for a file of a certain date, it should then show up in the “need to send” query.

Is it possible to create an if clause in dataview or tasks, to create such a system? Or does anyone suggest another way around this?

Thank you very much in advance

Things I have tried

I’ve worked through the helpfiles for dataview and tasks, but wasn’t able to conjure a system myself. I am not proficient with JS (yet).

Is each invoice in a separate file? If so, I would use a select input from the meta bind plugin, to choose the status for the invoice. This would go into that’s invoice frontmatter, and be easily selectable by dataview.

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Thank you for your reply. I didn’t see your post and I have used a different workaround. Now I make an overview with database folder en 3 yaml checkboxes.

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