Dataview task and project examples

Yeah it is very strange. Have you come across it in your system?

Thanks for the insights into your system!
Would you mind sharing the query that you have within each of you “person” files?

I’m a new user, so do I understand correctly that by using dataview table for tasks I have to create a new page for every task? I know there is a TASK type, but I’d like to use a TABLE.

This doesn’t work for example (writing tasks on a single page):

Task:: foobar
Priority:: 2
Tag:: #personal

Task:: barbaz
Priority:: 3
Tag:: #personal

Dataview table:

TABLE Task, Priority FROM #personal

This shows only the last entry (“barbaz”) in the dataview table. So I need to create a new page for every task with its own metadata, right? But with this method, the vault could be cluttered with small files after a while. :thinking:

I got it working with separate files for tasks. I created a “new task” template and I’m using the metatemplates plugin to quickly create a new task file with it. Then I put them into a table with Dataview (selecting all files from the Tasks folder).

Hello Arminta:

I see the tasks template but I don’t see the projects template. could you post the content?

Note (another, hehe): I am honest that Dataview and DataviewJS are getting a bit complicated to manage.

Thank you for posting this its amazing, I am just starting to dabble with dataview and this has set a whole string of inspirations, two questions:

  1. How do you get to add a button? That snippet does not do anything for me
  2. Your screenshots show sorting arrows on the column heading, how do we get that?


Advantage Obsidian! Not to mention I can link to my knowledge graph.

Thanks for sharing! Your work is just the right input at just the right time for me. Hugely appreciated. :+1: :+1:

Hi all!
I realised that many of us started playing with this wonderful plugin called Dataview. Which is a great thing, but usually we have relatively the same problems to be solved by scripting Dataview, therefore I created a git repository to collect the scripts and queries of DV in one place in order to find them easier, to inspire others, and to use them out-of-the-box or after a tiny customisation.
Here it is: GitHub - akosbalasko/obsidian-dataview-scripthub: It's a place to collect awesome scripts developed on top of Obisidian's Dataview plugin
Please feel free to contribute by creating a PR, let’s build a piece of script-paradise there!


Thanks, arminta. As a non-technical user of Obsidian, I’ve been a bit nervous about using Dataview, but after watching a couple of YouTube clips and then reading this post, I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve got something similar to your setup working, but was wondering how I can stop the task template from showing up in the table of tasks. I’m sure there’s an easy way to achieve this so sorry for what is probably a very basic question.

Thanks again!

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Actually, don’t worry! I figured it out watching some other videos on YouTube. I used this line:
where !contains((, “Template for research Tasks”).
Thanks again.


Hi! New user here, how did you get the sort arrows in your table header?

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Nice work!
Can you share how to set up ScriptKit for quick add like in that video?

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As far as I can tell, the above scripts don’t work natively in Obsidian with DV. The reference to ScriptKit appears to be a MAC thing.

Can an expert rewrite the above for DV or DVjs only implementation?

This is beautiful @arminta!
One thing I didn’t quite catch is whether or not you’re using checkboxes in this system? If so, how?
P.S. Nice to see a fellow Obsidian user also putting Scripture notes in there. :grinning:

Hey, if possible could you please tell from which github repo you found the template? I’m trying to replicate a few parts, but I’m not really able to put into how I would want dataview to output stuff.

i second that - dave, show us your set up! the people want to see! :)) please :sunflower:

but seriously, thank you to @arminta and @davecan for taking time to explain your workflows and show examples. SO appreciated, alleviates tension of having important project details locked in cloud based task management services. sending yall lots of sunshine :sunny:

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Obsidian is not FOSS and is the same as Notion for all intensive purposes as far as licensing goes.

Hi, you could also try eliminating files from your template folder. That way you can use this same line for all of your Dataview recipes.

for example, I exclude my templates folder using: !"System/Templates"

I think she is using a field Completed:: and if it is marked 1, then it is completed.

Yes, You are right.