Dataview Table : with Fixed Headers During Scrolling is it possible?

Hello, I have some very extensive data tables (dataview) and I’d like to be able to scroll through the items while always keeping the headers visible for clearer table reading.

I haven’t been able to find such a solution.

Can you help me?


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Theoretically it’s possible to use CSS to achieve this using placement magic, but due to the way Obsidian presents larger documents they’ll fail due to selective load/unload of parts of the page.

Another solution would be to change your query so that it doesn’t return those massive amounts of data, and rather implement page switching within your query. Sadly I’m not sure how easy it would be to implement something like that using dataview, but it should be doable using dataviewjs, I think.

+1 for me. My table grows long and I have to scroll back up to check if I was in the right column.

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