Dataview table with each column based on tag criteria

What I’m trying to do

I want to create a table (using dataview query) with each column showing whether the note has certain tags (and show this by either check or cross).

So 1st column will list the name of each note
2nd column should be binary output (yes or no) as to whether the note contains a specified tag (i.e. #tag1)
3rd colum same as previous, but for a different tag.

Things I have tried

I have tried to play around with choice function - but dont think I am quite using it correctly.

Please present what you’ve tried, as it gives us the opportunity to help you instead of guessing on a solution. It’ll also show us some more of your structure.

Thank you. so what I have tried is… (but it doesnt display the result in the correct way)…

essentially, for the choice function - i want the dataview to return one of the binary output depending on whether #include is present under Properties ‘tags’ source.

Does that make sense?

choice(tags = “#include”, “:white_check_mark:”,“:x:”) as include
default(year, “”) asc