Dataview Table sort by frontmatter doesn't work

Hello everyone,

I’m experiencing an issue with dataview tables.
I want my table to only show me notes based of a tag and a frontmatter value.
But whenever i include the filter for my frontmatter value it won’t show any notes in the table.

My code is as follows

	row["Author Name"] as "Author Name"

FROM #books
WHERE "Author Name" = "Name Example"
SORT asc

I’ve tried doing it with a folder path instead of a tag but it doesn’t work aswell.
If i’m only using WHERE “Author Name” it shows me all Notes.
I’ve tried the contains and containsword function, but i couldn’t get that to work.

How about WHERE row["Author Name"] = "Name Example" instead of WHERE "Author Name" = "Name Example"?

See also:

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Amazing. That worked.
I thought “row” was only limited to what kind of columns the table should show.

Thank you very much.

Hello again,

I’m now encountering a new issue. I can’t seem to find a way to filter out frontmatter in the list format. Where it looks like this:


  • Author 1
  • Author 2

I’ve tried the following an many more.
WHERE Author = “- Author 1”
With two Spaces " - Author 1"
row[“Author”] = " - Author 1"
even with with the value being in a new line like it is on the note.
Author =
" - Author 1"

But i can’t seem to get this to work. I would really appreciate your help because i can’t seem to find anyone else already experiencing this issue.

Probably it’s better to open a new thread, as this topic is already resolved.

Ok then. that was quick haha.

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