Dataview table list all notes tagged "symptom" and notes that contain those links

What I’m trying to do

Lets say I have 3 notes that contain the tag “symptom”: [[headache]], [[neck pain]], and [[shoulder pain]]

I also have the note [[note 1]] that contains the link [[headache]]
I have the note [[note 2]] that contains the link [[neck pain]]
I have the note [[note 3]] that contains the links [[neck pain]] and [[shoulder pain]]

How do I get a table that lists something like this:
headache | [[note 1]]
neck pain | [[note 2]] [[note 3]]
shoulder pain | [[note 3]]

the closest I have found is something like

TABLE join(, ", ")  <-- not actually functional
From #symptom

I did get one that would show backlinks, but that only referenced links going out from the [[headache]] note for example, but I need all the other files that reference to “[[headache]]” from within them.

Things I have tried

lots of google searching and failing various solutions, and ChatGPT very confidently gives me crappy solutions, ha ha

Is this what you want?

TABLE WITHOUT ID link(,title) AS Note, file.inlinks
FROM #symptom

In case you are using metadata with title attributes - or even simpler if you just want the file name to be displayed:

TABLE file.inlinks
FROM #symptom
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Yes, that’s it!

Thank you!!

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