Dataview table: company / role / person

Hello, I have:

  1. A ‘person’ note containing a ##Roles section in which I want to insert the roles that person holds in various companies in the form of a table, for example: President of Association A, Council Member of Association B, Employee of Company C. Each ‘person’ note also contains a property ‘type’=‘person’.
  2. An ‘company’ note, with property ‘type’=‘company’, listing the contacts of each entity, the mission, projects, and activities. It also includes a ##Roles section in which I would like to list the various roles assigned to each person in that company, for example: President: Gianni Rossi, Vice President: Carlo Verdi, Employee: Luigi Gialli.

Now, I would like that, when filling out the various entity notes, the person note dynamically update to display the various roles that person holds. I need to use Dataview, but I’m not sure of the specific syntax. Can somone help me? :slight_smile:

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