Dataview switch to show/hide in a list

Im using Obsidian almost a year now and after some consideration and lots of inputs from great enthousiasts and users I’m moving through my system for more order and structure.
I have 3 types of entries though templates. Notes, Meeting notes and Media notes. As an example attached the front matter on the Note template, the dataview query and the result.

1. Front

I have 3 Statuses. Seedling, herb and tree…

  • Seedling = just in, not much work done
  • Herb = currently working on this
  • Tree = investigate to throw off the list.

Im adding all the frontmatter to the notes I have. So they pop up under in the dataview list. I will process them and then throw them off the list if they are in some way linked or connected to the bigger picture. Sometimes it is just as simple as linking them, sometimes more work is needed.

What would be the best way to get them off the dataview list ? Should I make and on/off status ? If I go this way (other ideas welcome) how do I do this in Dataview ?

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