Dataview subqueries - is real?

Hello! I have a three types of entities - notes, books and authors

In each note, I add metadata, which connect this note with book.
And in each book I add metadata which connect this book from author.

I can use query in author:
list from “Entities/content/books” where Autor=[[Brian Tracy]]
and I will see all books from this author.

But I want to see all notes from this author. Can I build subquery in dataview(by analogy with JOIN from Mysql)?


I’m not a coder, so I don’t understand the meaning of “JOIN from Mysql”.

But trying to understand what you want:

  • In your notes you have a field connecting to your books (e.g. book: "[[Book1]]")
  • In your book note you have a field connecting the author (e.g. author: "[[Author_A]]")
  • You want a query to call all notes indirectly related with the author (via “books”)

Because all your fields are links, you can try this (considering the fields in my examples):

WHERE = [[Author_A]]

This means: "where the field author in the note linked by the field book is equal to [[Author_A]]"

Oh yeah! You got it absolutely right and your code works. Thank you very much

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