Dataview Stopped Working

I have this dataview that was working in the past

table maintain as Task
FROM #Journal and -"zzzTemplates" 
WHERE date(tomorrow) - file.ctime <= dur(100 days)
and maintain
and contains(file, "1ld")
sort desc

but now it gives this error
Any suggestions on what to look for?

Dataview: Every row during operation ‘where’ failed with an error; first 3:

            - No implementation found for 'null - date'
  • No implementation found for ‘null - date’
  • No implementation found for 'null - date

Two different things:

  1. There’s an issue with the date(tomorrow) mis-spelled as date(tommorow) > date(tomorrow) changed to mis-spelled date(tommorow) in v0.4.22 · Issue #789 · blacksmithgu/obsidian-dataview · GitHub
    So, at the moment you can use date(tommorow) (but not a future solution) or, for future behavior, replace date(tomorrow) by (date(today) + dur(1day)).

  2. Use file.cday instead of file.ctime: the first is just a “date”, the second is a “date” + “time”.

101% better, thanks.

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