Dataview stopped working completely - cant query

Good Morning

Last night I was playing with dataview. Creating lots of list of files based on tag… nothing too complex. I just rebooted and dataview is displaying wrong results for this and not displaying results at all for simple dataview queries.

I have definitely broken something! Tags are viewable in the side window… dataview is struggling to see them!

Screenshot from 2022-07-05 11-21-14
Screenshot from 2022-07-05 11-20-38
Screenshot from 2022-07-05 11-20-29
Screenshot from 2022-07-05 11-20-10

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I gotten to the root cause of the issue… I have two versions of Obsidian on my system.
If I open with version 0.13.31 dataview stops working… everything is fine in 0.14.15.

I don’t need to use this older version, but its worth noting that something breaks after I have migrated to the new version (even though everything is text)

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