Dataview seems to be broken


a few days ago I noticed that dataview is acting strange. I use it for my movie and tv shows database (following this tutorial: How To Create a Movie Database in Obsidian). My dataview query looks like this:

table without id
	("![](" + poster + ")") as Poster, as Title,
	year as Year,
	"⭐ " + scoreImdb as "⭐ IMDB",
	rating, genre, watched
from "Movies"
where contains(status, "completed")
Now my table is not showing all results as it should. I have over 30 movies with status completed, and dataview (right now, because it is changing) is showing only 17. Sometimes it shows only 4, sometimes 28. 

The star emoji that I used with imdb rating is also showing as null and not displaying correctly.

Is anyone here with simillar problems? My Obsidian and plugins are updated to the latest versions.

Just a guess, but if you’re also using the Iconize plugin, try disabling that and reloading/restarting Obsidian.

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