Dataview Search Syntax for YAML Frontmatter fields and values

What I’m trying to do

I have some files that look something like this.

title: Some Title
aliases: [Some Alias]
 - tag01
 - tag02
 - tag03
created on: September 15, 2023
content type:
  - Reference Note
people: []

Now, I am trying to write a query (right now Dataview, but ideally a embedded search query, if possible) that will list all notes whose YAML property “content type” has the value of “Reference Note”.

Things I have tried

The final query I tried is this. I am not sure where am I going wrong here.

WHERE "content type" = "Reference Note"

Right now, with this query, Dataview is not really giving me any syntax error, just saying that it found no files. Needless to say, I have dozens of notes with that “content type”. So, what gives? :man_shrugging:t2:

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