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I wanted to do a query where: " LIST links FROM [[thislink]] where field1 = [[thislink]] "

so only yielding results that specifically point to [[thislink]] for that purpose, for example only [[link2]] that has the field ‘field1 = [[thislink]]’ and not any other linking to it.

but I only can do it if field is exactly ‘‘field1 = [[thislink]]’’, but probably [[link2]] has many more links attached
field1 = [[thislink]], [[link3]], [[link4]]

how could I do it ?

1. Your query

LIST links
FROM [[thislink]]
WHERE field1 = [[thislink]]

Why you define [[thislink]] as a source?
I’m asking this because it means that you want to obtain all pages which link to [[thislink]], in Obsidian language, all the backlinks (notes linked to “thislink” note) - the notes that appears in backlinks panel.
This would be enough to your query if these backlinks are created anywhere in your notes (working as an implicit field), in an inline field but not in yaml frontmatter.
So, if you want as a source all files linked to [[thislink]] the query only filter the notes with the link [[thislink]] outside yaml frontmatter.

For your example you can do this:
WHERE contains(field1, [[thislink]])

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