Dataview returns YYYY-00-DD instead of YYYY-MM-DD

What I’m trying to do

Hi all,
I am pretty new to Obsidian, so I hope this is a trivial issue…
I have notes for my books where I enter dates when I started to read and when I finished.
tags: book
title: “Fake – Wer soll dir jetzt noch glauben?”
author: [Arno Strobel]
genre: Krimi
source: kindle
language: :de:
status: read
started: 2022-11-27
finished: 2022-11-28
rating: :star::star::star:

What I would like to have is a list of all books I read sorted by ‘‘finished’’ date. So I tried with this:

Table ("![|50](" + cover + ")") as "cover", author, genre, language, rating, started, finished
From "Media/Books" 
Where status = "read"
SORT file.finished ASC

but I get as a result 2022-00-27 instead of 2022-11-27
and 2022-00-28 instead of 2022-11-28

Things I have tried

If I change 2022-11-27 to 20221127 it is displayed correctly.
I tried to look here on the forum for the solution but I am not sure where exactly I did something wrong.
Dataview settings for date format is yyyy-mm-dd

Try using yyyy-MM-dd instead. This is related to using luxon vs moment date format settings if I’m not mistaken.

It worked, thank you!

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