Dataview renders multiple instances of the same value when there is no text below the footnote which contains the inline field

Could someone explain to me why, when there is text below the footnotes which contain the inline Dataview field to be displayed, the Dataview query displays as it should, but when there is nothing below the footnotes, the Dataview displays the same link multiple times?

Here is the footnote with the inline field “f”:

Here is the query:

TABLE WITHOUT ID f AS "Outgoing friends"
WHERE f AND file = this.file

Here are the two cases where, in the first case (where there is no text below the footnotes), the value [[Page Layout (MyWorkflow)#:world_map: See also]] of field “f” is displayed 3 times while the value [[Spatial Memory]] of the same field but contained by a different footnote is displayed correctly, while, in the second case (where there IS text below the footnotes), everything works just fine:

  • CASE 1: image
  • CASE 2: image


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