Dataview Question - query all files EXCEPT daily note

Things I have tried

Hi everyone. I have a query that runs a search on uncpmpleted tasks in several areas and what I want it to do is to show me all incomplete tasks EXCEPT from the current daily note. I have this:

WHERE !completed AND != date(today)

The problem is that it IS returning values from the current daily note (yyyy-mm-dd)

What I’m trying to do

If I change the last line to:

WHERE !completed AND file.cday != date(today)

– that seems to work, but that’s not what I want to do :slight_smile:

I think that in TASK queries the command WHERE is focused in the TASK filters, not in PAGES (files). I didn’t found this in plugin documentation, but I found a way: you need to add “file” before any field (implicit fields too).
Try this:

WHERE !completed AND !=

Hmmm, it is still showing a duplicate in the daily note with that syntax.

Which is your dataview plugin version?

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