[Dataview] : Querying "List" properties with outlinks

What I’m trying to do

First of all goodevening! I’m new to the forums, so sorry if I make some mistakes. I’ll do my best to learn from all of you ;). I’ve been using Obsidian for quite some time now and moves towards Notion due to their “Properties” that you could add towards notes. One of the things I didn’t like was… It’s stored in the cloud and I like my data to be local, so after I heard that Obsidian also got properties, I immediately switched back.

What I’m now trying to do is create a sort of meeting database, and I would like to query my past meetings in which specific attendees have been. For example I have the following in my properties:

  - "[[John Johnson]]"
  - "[[Johann Sebastian Bach]]"
Meeting Type: 1-2-1
Preparation Date: 2023-09-07
Meeting Date: 2023-09-07
Status: Finished

Things I have tried

I tried to query all of my past meetings with the following code:

table meeting-date as "Meeting Date", meeting-type as "Meeting Type", Status
	"Meetings" and [[Johann Sebastian Bach]]
	meeting-type = "1-2-1"
	file.name != "2023-09-07 - 1-2-1 - Johann Sebastian Bach"
	meeting-date DESC

Obviously this would give me my past meetings with Johan, however it would also show me (logically) any meetings where his name would pop-up in if he was mentioned somewhere in the conversation, which is not something I wanted as it would show me the 1-2-1’s of a different person.

What I then tried was to add the filter contains(attendees, “[[Johann Sebastian Bach]]”) towards my WHERE clause hoping that I’d be able to query the outlink towards Johann in my attendees property. Instead I get an empty dataview query.

Does anyone have any idea how to properly parse through these lists with Dataquery?

Many thanks for your help!


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