Dataview Query

Hi, I’m new to Dataview, and have looked through their documentation and watched a bunch of youtube intros to dataview, but can’t find this answer…

I’m using the inline method, not YAML. Such as

Item:: 1, 2, 3
Category:: “animal”, “vegetable”, “mineral”

In a table query, I want to use WHERE item = anything (i.e. if there is any value present regardless of what it is). So for example,

TABLE item, category
WHERE item = *anything except blank*

Can I do this, and how? THANKS in advance! :slight_smile:

If you want to check all cases where item exists, just use this:

WHERE item

If you want to check all cases without item (“item” field empty or non-existent), use this:

WHERE !item

Perfect. THanks so much!

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