Dataview query with WHERE front matter link

What I’m trying to do

I have a folder 10/meetings which has a files with the follwing content:

date: 2024-03-07
  - meeting
  - aca
  - "[[ACA]]"

In another file in foler 20/people I want to query the folder 10/meetings for all files, which have project metadata equal to ACA.

Things I have tried

TABLE  project 
FROM "10/meetings"
WHERE project = [[ACA]]

But this returns an empty table.

TABLE  project 
FROM "10/meetings"

Returns all files in 10/meetings

When you do project = ... it only works when project is a single value, not when it is a list, so try contains(project, [[ACA]]) and see if that doesn’t give you a better answer.

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@holroy Thanks. Can you please point me to the `dataview manual where this is described?

Look here: Functions - Dataview, for the standard DQL information, and the section below if you want to look into some of the dataviewjs code references.

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