Dataview query results for YYYY-MM-DD

I have been brainstorming and reading forum posts but none have explained why my dataview isn’t showing any results.

I recently started using the Quick Add plugin and it started formatting the “Date” property YYYY-MM-DD when it was previously DD.MM.YYY. I didn’t think much of it and would actually prefer the YYYY-MM-DD format but I noticed that a dataview query in my daily note wasn’t working anymore.

My notes have the following properties. These are coming via the new Quick Add plugin using a template.

company: Pepsi
Date: 2023-12-01
Month: December
Time: 17:45

Here is my dataview query which I haven’t understood why it won’t fetch results.

TABLE company AS Company, Time
FROM "Tickets"
WHERE Date = 2023-12-01
SORT file.ctime ASC

I am looking for some guidance why my query worked when the date format was DD.MM.YYY.

A date is not a string, so it could be as simple as simple as changing to WHERE Date = date("2023-12-01"). Now you would be comparing a date and a date…

It worked previously because neither was a date, but pure strings in both cases.

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