Dataview query in 1.5.3 acting differently

After upgrading to 1.5.3, a dataview query that I had previously been using to summarize log entries from my daily note in my weekly note now generates a table with a blank line before each entry. The dataview query in my weekly note is:

TABLE log as "Highlights"
FROM "Journal" 
WHERE log != null
AND week = string(

Daily note is named YYYY-MM-DD and has a YAML property (text type) of week which is generated by the following in my daily note template:

<* week: moment(tp.file.title).format("YYYY-[W]ww") *>

resulting into:

week: 2023-W52

Each log entry is entered into my daily note as:

log:: This is a test

The output of my weekly note looked like a standard dataview output table with two columns, the filename and an entry for each log entry from my daily note for that day. This has been in place and working for several months. After the update to 1.5.3, the table generates a blank line after the filename and preceding each log entry.

Any ideas what is going on? I use the minimal theme, but trying it in the default theme displays the same result.

Bumping this since I got no responses. Anybody have this problem???

It shouldn’t matter, but which version of dataview are you on? And do you potentially use a theme which needs to be updated?

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Dataview is 0.5.64. Running on Minimal theme, but the same thing happens on the default theme as well. Actually, the Log entry is:

Log:: - This is a test

So, apparently it is the "-" that is causing the issue. If I enter it without the "-", it does not generate a blank line. But it still worked the correct way prior to updating to 1.5.3.

So essentially the problem you originally posted wasn’t a problem, but doing the - text caused the problem?

Anyways, glad it seems to be sorted out now.

It’s still not acting the way it did before the Obsidian update. The output in Dataview without the "-" does not wrap correctly…it’s not blocked correctly like a bullet point is. Hope that makes sense.

I’m not understanding what your issue is. Could you provide us with a full example, both markdown text and output, and explain what is wrong? We’re not mind readers, and I for sure am not able to understand what you’re claiming to have changed as it currently stands.

Ok, hopefully this will make more sense. I just figured out how to include a screenshot. Here is what I just entered in my daily note:

Log:: - This is a test log message
Log:: - This is a long test log message that wraps in its display when presented in the dataview listing
Log:: This is a test log message without the preceding dash
Log:: This is another longer test message without the dash that wraps the same way but is harder to read when presented in the dataview output

This is how it appears in the dataview query:

Notice the additional blank lines for the first two Log entries and the lack of blank lines in the entries without the dash. It appears that the dash is acted upon differently since the Obsidian update.

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