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Hey all!

I’m just getting started with dataview and it’s been super helpful in organizing my tasks. I’m just having an issue with getting recurring tasks (using the Tasks plugin) to automatically generate new tasks when I check them off from inside the note with the dataview query.

For instance, if I have a recurring task that is scheduled each day, I want to be able to check it off and then have it reappear the next day. This is the query I set up:

SORT priority
WHERE !completed
WHERE start < date(tomorrow)

When I complete the recurring task from the note the recurring task was created in, the next task IS automatically generated and I can see the new one in the note with the dataview query.

When I complete any recurring tasks from the note that uses the dataview query to display the task, the next instance of the task is NOT automatically generated. Because of this, the task will not reappear the next day.

What I’m trying to do

I want to be able to check off the tasks from within the dataview query and have any recurring tasks be automatically generated in their respective notes. Is there any way to do this?

Thanks for your help!

Recurring tasks and Dataview is not a good combinations, please see

Which is tasks documentation on how it combines with the Dataview plugin, and it has the warning:

Dataview does not understand recurring tasks. Checking off a recurring task from a Dataview TASK query will add a done date but will not generate a new instance of that recurring task. To get the correct behavior for recurring tasks from Dataview TASK query results, click the text of the task (not the checkbox) to go to the file where the task is written, and then use the “Tasks: Toggle Done” command or click the checkbox from there.

I see, thanks for pointing this out to me!

That’s unfortunate but I think I can come up with a work around.

Appreciate the help!

The aformentioned Tasks plugin is great for recurring tasks. I use it heavily for that purpose, and it works in exactly this way.

Tasks also has a query language that is extremely useful and has replaced Dataview for me in a lot of cases! There are a bunch of examples in this article, in case it’s helpful.

This is a great suggestion! It is much easier to do what I had in mind with the Tasks plugin instead of Dataview in this case. Thanks so much!

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