Dataview query for birthdays in frontmatter

I’ve some note regarding my contacts in a folder inbox/crm. Each person have some properties in the frontmatter and one is “birthday”
I want to show in my daily notes the today’s birthdays (if any). The daily note is named dd-mm-yyyy (example: 15-08-2023) but the properties is dd/mm/yyyy (if I choose date type). So the separators are different.
I didn’t find a way to instruct dataview to check only day and month (so only the dd-mm part of the date).

Can you help me, please?
Thanks in advance

Thanks but unfortunately is not working.
I think is something related to the date format but no luck also creating a new property (text) and of course modifing accordly your dataview code.

I think I can get rid of the birthdays in my daily note

Sorry for the misunderstanding: I don’t need to calculate the age. In the note itself I have this code:

Age:: `=date(today) - this.birthday`

And this is working fine (of course I have a birthday property setup as date type (with format as 06/092022 as September 6th, 2022. Of course this is a fake contact made out just for testing).

I’ve modified your code but dataview and now is working, recreating a new not for testing my dog’s birthday. The code is:

TABLE WITHOUT ID link(," ("+round((date(now)-birthday).years,0)+")") AS "🎂 Birthdays"
FROM "inbox/crm"
	dateformat(birthday,"dd-MM") = dateformat(date(now), "dd-MM")
Thanks a lot for your help!

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