Dataview Query for all notes linked to a certain note

What I’m trying to do

I have a note (Note A) with links to lots of other notes. I need a Dataview query that will give me a table or list of all of the notes linked within Note A. I need the table to exist in a separate note. I’d prefer if it would be alphabetical and eliminate duplicates and aliases.

For example, Note A has:
[[John Doe]] went to the [[store]]. [[John Doe|John]] can [[jump]] high.

I would like Dataview to produce a table or list that looks like:

  • John Doe
  • Store
  • Jump

Things I have tried

Here’s one of the solutions I’ve tried:

TABLE WITHOUT ID file.outlinks AS "Links to" 
FROM ("Folder A/Note A")
WHERE startswith(, "") 

This gives me a table with all of the links from Note A, but they aren’t sorted and have all of the duplicates and aliases (so John Doe and John appear).

Hello @MarquisDCarabas ,
try this query, may suit your needs:

LIN as Links
FROM "Folder A/Note A"
FLATTEN file.outlinks as LIN

Have nice day

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