Dataview queries fail in canvas when using special characters

Once you’ve done the above, delete everything above this line.

Steps to reproduce

Create a note with a tag that includes a special character. In my case I did

Source:: Sun Tzu 孫子

I can create a dataview table with

table without id
Quote, Stars as ⭐, as Link from #ideas/proverbs 
where Tradition = "Chinese" AND != "Proverb Note" AND Source = "Sun Tzu  孫子"
sort Stars desc

However, when I display this note in a canvas the query is empty. I can remove the Chinese characters from the tag and the query and it works as expected.

Expected result

I expected the note displayed on the canvas contain the query results.

Actual result

Queries with special characters are empty. I’ll attach screenshots.


Obsidian version: v1.1.16
Installer version: v1.1.16
Operating system: #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Fri Nov 4 18:35:48 UTC 2022 6.0.7-301.fc37.x86_64
Login status: logged in
Catalyst license: none
Insider build toggle: off
Live preview: on
Legacy editor: off
Base theme: dark
Community theme: Dracula Official v1.0.7
Snippets enabled: 2
Restricted mode: off
Plugins installed: 28
Plugins enabled: 27
1: Calendar v1.5.10
2: Dataview v0.5.55
3: Hotkeys++ v0.2.7
4: Pane Relief v0.4.1
5: Periodic Notes v1.0.0-beta.3
6: Tag Wrangler v0.5.8
7: Text Format v2.2.1
8: Wikipedia v1.0.3
9: Workspaces Plus v0.3.3
10: Sortable v0.3.1
11: Recent Files v1.3.5
12: Paste URL into selection v1.7.0
13: Natural Language Dates v0.6.1
14: Hover Editor v0.11.9
15: Auto Link Title v1.4.1
16: ExcaliBrain v0.1.11
17: Excalidraw v1.8.21
18: Templater v1.16.0
19: Advanced Slides v1.20.0
20: Tasks v2.0.1
21: Icons v0.3.0
22: Emoji Shortcodes v2.2.0
23: Mermaid Tools v0.1.1
24: ProZen v0.3
25: Local REST API v1.5.2
26: Projects v1.14.0
27: Smart Typography v1.0.18

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Additional information

This is the note:

And this is how it appears in Canvas:

The actual queries:

I removed the special characters for one of the proverbs to show that it displays properly if the special character is removed.

Thank you for a lovely project,

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