Dataview Q: how to show notes from a specific week

Hi there!
I’m looking to create something like this:
I’m using Peridic Notes plugin to create a weekly note with a template. I want the template to include a dataview LIST of the daily notes created in that week (usually the weekly note will be created on a Saturday, so I want to see the notes created in the last week, Sun→Sat, total of 7 notes).

I did this:

FROM #daily_journal 
WHERE file.ctime >= date(today) - dur(7 day)

which works but I guess that the date(today) - dur(7 day) part means that if I open this weekly note again on a later date, I’m gonna see different notes in the list (as “today” has changed).

For the life of me, I can’t find a way to have dataview to look at the creation date of the weekly note and calculate 7 days from that.

please help! Thanks

Perhaps the markdown file on the link below has something similar that you can adapt to your needs / syntax?


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To close this help, please confirm if this (or @anon12638239 solution) works:

(using Templates, as discussed in Discord channel)

FROM #daily_journal 
WHERE <= date({{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}) AND >= date({{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}) - dur(7days)

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