Dataview Plugin - How to add multiple parameters

I am fairly new to Obsidian.

I downloaded the Community Plugin “Dataview”, and have gotten it to work with simple parameters, such as:

This code works

list file.ctime
from #myTagHere

However, I would really like to see more than just one parameter (e.g.: file.ctime) at a time. For example, I would like to add multiple parameters after “list” (but it doesn’t work):

This code does NOT work

list file.ctime,, file.folder, file.size
from #myTagHere 

I cannot, for the life of me, find a single reference anywhere on the internet to demonstrate how this is done (and I assume it MUST be possible).

I’ve checked the following places (among many, many others):

  1. Data Commands - Dataview

It seems a little ridiculous to me that I’ve had to write this question, because it should be much more clear on the Dataview Plugin’s website, but I haven’t seen a single page or example of it. And - if it’s not possible - then it should be clearly stated that you cannot have multiple “” parameters separated by commas.

I think the issue is that you are using LIST rather than TABLE. For example, here is a query from the Dataview documentation:

TABLE started, file.folder, file.etags
FROM #games

I hope this helps. Good luck!

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If you looked a little further on this site you would also see this page: Query Types - Dataview

Describing the TABLE syntax which I-d-as refers to, which is most likely the one you want.

You could kind of get it to work, using LIST, but either of the following options are kind of kludges:

LIST file.ctime + + file.folder + file.size
FROM #myTagHere 

LIST list(file.ctime,, file.folder, file.size)
FROM #myTagHere

LIST join(list(file.ctime,, file.folder, file.size), ", ")
FROM #myTagHere

Which produces this output from my (single) test file:


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