Dataview & Periodic notes render different week numbers

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to see all the tasks done in a week. And for that I’m using query described here -

Issue I’m facing

Dataview plugin is returning Dec 11 note’s Week ( as 49 and when I create Weekly note using #Periodicnotes, then it creates the week note as 2022-W51.

How can we fix this?

Dataview uses iso/luxon date formats… I guess Periodic notes plugin uses another one (locale?).
See this: Daily Note plugin -- week of year incorrect? - #6 by WhiteNoise

Thanks a ton for sharing the link!

Seems like in order to solve this issue one has to change the Calendar plugin settings -

  1. set the start of the week as Monday and
  2. also change the local to en-gb.

Or, in some cases, using a calculation like ... = date(today).weekyear + 1

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