Dataview - Pages with Field Value = true

Numerous searches didn’t reveal what I need.

What I’m trying to do

What would be the correct Syntax for filtering pages where the value of a “check box” field is true?

Things I have tried

The Field name is Fictional Character

The basic approach I’ve tried is

Table AS Name, file.outlinks AS Connections
Where "Fictional Character" = true

Shooting in the dark so to speak I’ve tried numerous variations on this such as:

Where ( “Fictional Character” = true)
Where “Fictional Character” : true
Where “Fictional Character” =“true” But this would seem to treat the checkbox field as a text field
Where (Fictional Character) = true

I’d appreciate any pointers to help me get the correct syntax.


Since you’ve got spaces in your field name, you either need to use row["Fictional Character"], or the sanitised version fictional-character, see Adding Metadata - Dataview

So doing WHERE fictional-character should do the trick.

Solved. I didn’t realize I could switch to the sanitized version.
Many Thanks.

For anyone searching for the same results note that the field name in the sanitized version has lower case letter, compared with the original field name that had capitals.

Yeah, sanitized means lowercase, spaces are dashes, and strange stuff is removed…