Dataview of files, which link to "dynamic note-titel" and filename starts with "ABC_"

Things I have tried

I did not come very far, but that’s what I tried:

contains(, "")
From "work" 

What I’m trying to do

At the beginning of all my project-files I’d like to have a dataview, that show me all files that:

  • link to that project-file (I’d like to have that query dynamically calculated, so that I don’t have to edit that dataview in all my project-files) AND
  • which filenames start with “ABC_”

Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance,

Some previous point:

  • if you use FROM (source filter) in DQL queries, this command needs to be always in second place… something like:


    (order is important)

  • in FROM you can define as source «folders», «tags» and «links». (docs)

  • in your case you want all “inlinks” to the current file (the project file), i.e., you want as source all pages that link TO the project file.

  • you can’t use variables in FROM command, but you can point to the current file using “[[]]” or “[[#]]”

  • your query:

    FROM [[]]
    WHERE contains(, "ABC_")
  • if you want only inlinks placed in the folder “works”

    FROM [[]] AND "works"
    WHERE contains(, "ABC_")

thank you very much!!!
not only for the solution, but also for the good explanation!!! :slight_smile:

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