Dataview not pulling from entire vault

What I’m trying to do

Hi! I’m trying to use dataview to list lines tagged with #idea with a link to the note at the end. The query I wrote (I found here in the forums) is not scanning my entire vault and therefore I only see a partial list of items tagged with #idea.

I use Obsidian Sync.

Here’s the query:

list without id
L.text + " " + link(L.path + "#" + meta(L.header).subpath,"(link)")
from ""
flatten file.lists as L
where contains(L.tags, "#idea")

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Could you give some examples of lines it misses?

The query you present is specifically made for matching on bullet points, or lines within lists. So a random line in a paragraph tagged with #idea wouldn’t be caught, for example.

And what does the L.header refer to, does every item in your list have a header field?


Thanks for helping here! You’re right, I was expecting the query to pick any lines with the particular tag, but now I see that it works when the tag is part of a list or a bullet point.
I had just copied the query from another post and tinkered with it without really knowing what I was doing :slight_smile: , I have now removed the reference to L.header since it’s not applicable to the way I take notes.
Thanks again!

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