Dataview: Load block under Headings

Hi everyone, is there a way to load content below a heading that contains a tag?

Let me explain why: I use Daily Notes for taking notes during meetings, and I’m involved in multiple projects. My idea is to use Dataview to load all recorded notes from any project into a single page, like a log.

Attached images for clarity.

Thanks in advance.

Dataview doesn’t deal with the text of pages, more the metadata related to pages and lists in particular. However, it’s possible to use dataviewjs to read through the actual notes, and manipulate the data from these notes.

In that regards, see the thread reply below:

This could surely be adapted to do something like you’re requesting.

My take on it though, would be to do as suggested in the comment below (in the linked thread), and consider using custom checklists (or decorated tasks) as I like to call them, or simply use a tag or inline field in a list item, and then use pure dataview to gather up these items.

If you use decorated tasks, one could imagine something like:

Imagine the list below scattered out in multiple files
- [P] (project:: a) Notes from Mar 19
- [P] (project:: a) Notes from Mar 20
- [P] (project:: a) Notes from Mar 21

FROM "Daily notes"
WHERE status="P" AND project = "a"

This query could of course be generalised into matching the current notes title (or link if one would like that). It’s just a concept showing how it would a lot easier to do this, as compared to actually gathering the text from the notes itself using javascript.

This approach would also have the advantage that you could click on each line and get to the definition of the comment since that’s the default behaviour for tasks.

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