Dataview list creation with obsidian links

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Hello, I would like to create a list on dataview and have this list with the file names have an obsidian link “[[]]”.
Thanks in advance

I’m not sure if I understand your goal: you want a dataview list with a list of notes that contains outlinks (links to another files in the vault)?

If yes, maybe something like:

WHERE file.outlinks

no I want to create a list with notes in a folder and this list to have links with the current note

It’s very hard to understand your goal from your first post!
1 - you never mention before the folder filter;
2 - also, you never mention the current note.
This implies a kind of guessing game!

This is not the “solution”.
If you want a solution, maybe something like:

FROM [[]] AND "your-folder-path" 

FROM [[]] means «define as source all files linked to the current file»
"your-folder-path" - needs to place the full path of the wanted folder. For example, if folder in first level, "folder"; if in a nested folder "folder/subfolder"

Great, thank you very much and I’m sorry I didn’t express myself well