Dataview JS Headers are indented


I have two H2 headers here. Once is a regular markdown H2 and the other is generated with DataViewJS

As you can see the one generated with DataviewJS is indented. Is there a way to get it aligned with the regular markdown H2?

Here is my DataViewJS script:

dv.header(2, "This is from dataview!");

Both inline and code block js queries look alright over here using the default theme and no snippets:

# This is not from dataview h1
`$=dv.header(1, "This is from dataview! h1");`
`$=dv.header(2, "This is from dataview! h2");`
dv.header(2, "This is from dataview! h2");

Screenshot 2023-10-21 070520

Perhaps your theme or some custom CSS is causing the issue?

You are probably right. I’m using the minimal theme perhaps something in there. I’ll take a look.

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