Dataview: Is it possible to query & return individual lines from a file?

An example:

If I had a note (Finance with transactions listed in it, could I pull them individually with a dataview query? I know I could get it to work if each transaction was a separate file, but that would be a lot of files with very minimal content.

I’m thinking transactions would be something like this:

date:: [[2021.05.20]] time:: 10:21 AM category:: Payroll payee:: McDonald's amount:: 1000 account:: Checking
date:: [[2021.05.20]] time:: 10:22 AM category:: Mortgage payee:: Bank amount:: -1000 account:: Checking
date:: [[2021.05.21]] time:: 11:27 AM category:: Groceries payee:: Kroger amount:: -100 account:: Credit Card

Few questions:

  • Will inline work like that? Or do I need to break each key:: value on a separate line?
  • Can I query something like ‘all transactions from May’ or ‘grocery transactions in May’ etc.

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