Dataview inlinks bug?

It seems that there is a bug when querying for inlinks in dataview. Either that or I’m missing something really obvious.

In the attached screnshots I can see 3x files in the “backlinks” pane, but when querying via dataview I only get 1x file. The 1st query I know will only list 2x files as it’s looking for the date in the date:: field - but have no idea what the reason is for them not appearing in the 2nd 2x queries.

Any one else have a similar issue?

I quit and reopened Obsidian and it seems to have sorted itself out … a tad concerning though.

EDIT: error still occurs, but resolves when quitting & reopening Obsidian



I am experiencing a (perhaps) similar behaviour with “inlinks” where only a restart of Obsidian can fix the error.
Please see [Bug] file.inlinks not working correctly · Issue #196 · blacksmithgu/obsidian-dataview · GitHub.

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