Dataview-How to use the sorting of files in a folder as a document property in dataview?

What I’m trying to do

I would like the file columns in dataview to be sorted in the same way as my files are sorted in a folder, by sort.
and I want this to be automatic and not require me to set additional properties for each document artificially.

I set up the dataview like this one

TABLE without id as "file",
  file.tags as "tag",
  dateformat(file.mday,"yyyy-MM-dd") as "date",
  choice(file.starred, "是", "否") as "star"
FROM "知识库设置"
sort by 

Things I have tried

I’ve tried manually adding document attributes to the files and sorting them in dataview based on such attribute values.
This gets the rows in the dataview to be arranged as I want them, but it’s purely manual, and I need to rework this section every time I change the sorting, which is too much of a hassle.

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