Dataview how to sort by time?

Things I have tried

So I have a table with fields Title, person, date, startTime and endTime

I am successful in grouping them and sorting by day (thanks to the forum!), however I cannot seem to be able to sort also by startTime per listed note (the sort should be group date - then individual note startTime)

This is the code I use right now

TABLE AS "Class", rows.startTime AS "Start", rows.endTime AS "End", rows.person AS "Person"
FROM "Calendar"
SORT date ASC GROUP BY (dateformat(date,"MM") + " | " + dateformat(date,"dd")) AS Day

Can anyone help with this?

What I’m trying to do

Queries don’t live in empty space, they’re in straight relation with the data.
If you don’t show the raw data format, we can’t help.

What’s the format/syntax of date, startTime, etc.

Why two sort by date?

Could you give us an example of a couple of the pages in your “Calendar” folder? That will help us better understand your data and what you’re trying to do.

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